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What is WellApps?
Imagine your personal physician was with you 24 hours a day for a month to witness the symptoms of your chronic illness. He/she would be able to keep you feeling well.

WellApps creates this effect virtually, using mobile and online symptom tracking applications. Patients can log their symptoms using our simple apps (WellApps) and participating physicians can see their patients’ data in real-time.

Furthermore, de-identified data can be collected anonymously and shared with researchers to make progress in the treatment of chronic illnesses.

Current WellApps Products:

GI Monitor
Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.

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Danielle, from We Are Crohn's - I just got it! This is AWESOME. I have been keeping my CDAI in an excel spreadsheet. No more excel for me!

Kello82 from crohnsforum.com - i love that gi monitor.
very cool, it would come in so handy when you are filling out the mandatory paperwork at the start of every dr appt...symptoms worse, better, pain scale, med changes, etc. I can never remember that stuff

Kyle, from We Are Crohn's - This app is a life saver. I have a crazy life and my can never find time to write down this stuff for my next gi appointment.

Love the application for the

Love the application for the iphone, i think it is wonderful. I was just wondering in the next version, if there is any plan to make more efficient the meal logging. I think that would be fantasic, maybe even nutritional info later on.

The feature i would love to see though, is often a lot of people have other symptoms that really effect them and are important for the doctor to keep track of and know about. I remember seeing an app that let you enter a condition, and symptoms, and you could rate each symptom. It would be great if your app did a similar thing with symptoms, so you had a button for log symptom. And you could in the settings enter all symptoms that effect you, and have a low / medium / high rating for each symptom. So whilst it would not effect your number score. It would go into the report.

So for example with my UC, i could enter symptoms "Bloating, Nausea, Vommiting, XYZ" and if i go into log symptoms, i can click on which symptom i want to log, and the Normal / low / med / high rating would come up as well as the time / date. That way other symptoms could be kept track of as well. Id love to see that feature added, so they could get put into the reports as well :).

Also with Meals, having the time meal was logged as part of the report would be great, so maybe you could see what meal was taken when, and compare it to stool consistancy / blood etc to see what foods your body doesent really like.

Id love to see that happen as soon as possible!.

Well done on the fantastic app. Its a lifesaver, just started using it and hope to continue using it every day to log and keep track.

Custom Symptoms

Hi Travis - thanks for the feedback. The next release of the app. does include custom symptom logging...almost exactly as you have suggested. Meal logging improvements are on the dev roadmap as well, but not for the next release. Stay tuned...and keep the feedback coming!



I found GI Monitor a bit simplistic. I know simple makes it easier to monitor but the things I want to monitor that give me the heads up that I'm starting to have problems weren't covered. I use Bento to monitor a range of potential symptoms from bloating, fatigue and nausea through to blood test results. I try to keep a track of the little things so that I can see if there is a problem building up rather than wait until it is severe enough to be obvious. This also helps me to better identify if certain foods may be a problem. Having more symptom tracking options but with the ability to turn off the ones you don't want to use would make GI Monitor a more attractive option to me.

Appreciate the Feedback

Kristin - I appreciate the feedback and completely agree. Additional symptom logging flexibility is a big part of our development roadmap. In fact, the next release will include an option for custom symptom logging. As a patient, I understand that our symptoms are very individual. Appreciate the feedback...so please keep it coming. We will address all of it eventually...just a matter of time. I am committed to making this work as well as possible for all patients.


..looks like just what I need to help me ..

I had a RTA on a m-cycle 5 years ago
shortly after developed IBD symptoms now bowels are a mess , weird huh

I'm willing, keen and am learning all the time how to manage this condition ... My doc is generally unsupportive unfortunately as no one diagnosis can be decided upon so while I struggle on ... I do what I can , home grow food, leave out dairy, wheat, gluten just to be on the safe side, take high strength probiotics and a multi vit.
Symptoms are sporadic, I have been searching for an application on Mac OS X for some time that will enable me to log meals I have eaten and the importantly ingredients used, specific times food drink is consumed, symptoms at various times following any specific meal... daily notes and ability to link and make documents with other applications simply .

Thing is i don't use an iPhone or iPod Touch ... will this be made available on OS X 'propper' anytime soon .

I need to log this info on my food so it will enable me to treat myself with my doctors help in a much more detailed manner.Sorry if I missed it on the site, I am on a lot of meds and they do make one somewhat out of sorts

get at me !


Logging Food and Meds

Hi Mick,

You can use our application online OSX (I mostly use my iPhone - but use the online app. to print my reports, etc. in OSX). When logging meals, you can enter in all the details in the "notes" field. Also - if your meds aren't on our "medications list" - you can simply add your meds to the list. Remember to go back and select your meds and dosages after adding them to the list.

If you have any problems, please let us know and we will help you.


A great app

Finally I can keep track of my status. Thank you!


I am a programmer at Drake Software. Due to the nature of my work and having two teenage kids it is hard to find time or be able to remember to do daily logs. Would you consider changing the program so we can have more options to do weekly logs. Before I started seeing Dr Shafran I was having to go as many as 30 times a day and I was living on liquid nutrition because I couldn't eat anything solid. I had been that sick for several years before I saw the Doctor. Now I am completely healed and living a normal life other than some food restrictions and having to take medicine. now that things are stable an entry once a week is probably plenty. He has taken me from worrying about dying to the point I almost forget I have the disease. I now have no more than three or four bad days each month and I would have considered them good several years ago.

Reply to Daniel

Hi Daniel. Congrats on getting your condition under control. I wrote you a personal email with more detail, but we are certainly considering additional features within GI Monitor that will make it easier for patients to log symptoms over extended periods of time. In addition, we will have reminder notifications available. That said, it is best to keep current with symptom data entry (as often as possible) for the best possible results. Keep in mind that you can backdate symptoms for days that you may have forgotten.


Wow it is really awesome.

Wow it is really awesome. Huge thanks to the distributors of this mobile application for Iphone. My husband has found it few days ago, and we decided to download it an install. The first impression about GI Monitor was like "Oh my, and it is free"? It is hard to believe that there are such people nowadays who can do so much work for free. Now I am able to log my meal, to log missed medications and all my conditions too. I hope this app will help me to cure my diseases. Thanks one more time for your huge work.


Amanda Peterson from mobile application development