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What is WellApps?
Imagine your personal physician was with you 24 hours a day for a month to witness the symptoms of your chronic illness. He/she would be able to keep you feeling well.

WellApps creates this effect virtually, using mobile and online symptom tracking applications. Patients can log their symptoms using our simple apps (WellApps) and participating physicians can see their patients’ data in real-time.

Furthermore, de-identified data can be collected anonymously and shared with researchers to make progress in the treatment of chronic illnesses.

Current WellApps Products:

GI Monitor
Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.

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Danielle, from We Are Crohn's - I just got it! This is AWESOME. I have been keeping my CDAI in an excel spreadsheet. No more excel for me!

Kello82 from crohnsforum.com - i love that gi monitor.
very cool, it would come in so handy when you are filling out the mandatory paperwork at the start of every dr appt...symptoms worse, better, pain scale, med changes, etc. I can never remember that stuff

Kyle, from We Are Crohn's - This app is a life saver. I have a crazy life and my can never find time to write down this stuff for my next gi appointment.


Just downloaded the apps yeasterday, but my first impression is really good. I´ve been trying for year to organize some way to track my Crohns disease, but it always ends up in diffrent notes laying around everywhere. Thank you so much for designing a helpfull, easy and convinent way to get a better grip on my disease.

Gi Monitor 2.0 "CRASHES" on OS3.0


when are you going to repair or update Gi monitor, on my Iphone with OS3.0.1 the app keeps crashing when I
try to add information so at them moment the sotware is not usable

Crashing Issue

If you are experiencing crashing, please remove the app. and download it again. This has fixed the crashing issue in all cases (Apple has been made aware of the issue). We will be releasing a fix for this soon. If this does not fix the issue, please contact us immediately and we will help you resolve it.



Great ap well done! I was diagnosed with crohns dec 06. Have been on a cocktail of medication since and numerous flare up's! This ap is very similar to the cdai form, gov form in aust for crohns disease activity tracking, that I have to complete for my specialist.

In addition to what u have I would like to see mucus added to the stool section, instead of just blood, and also another category for "general well being" these are 2 sections on the cdai form. Would be perfect!

I also agree re adding remicade/infliximab infusions yo the medication list. Also
I have just changed from remicade to humira injections which I give to myself once a fortnight. If humira could be added as well would be great!

This is awesome ap and thanks heaps!!!   

More flexibility in new release

The new release, due out any day, offers the ability to create custom notes for anything logged. We understand that symptoms vary from patient to patient and wanted to offer flexibility in your data entry. The new release has many new features requested by patients (list to be posted soon). It won't be perfect, but it also won't be the last release. WellApps is dedicated to making GI Monitor the best possible service (online and mobile applications suite - with data sync) for patients to track their symptoms and share data with their doctors - as well as anonymously with researchers to make progress in treating IBD. We appreciate your feedback and rely on it for improving our service- so please keep it coming. We are all building GI Monitor together.



Hi, the food addition would be very useful, when is the update available?

Also there could be a password function so that if people borrow your phone they do not have access to all the information?


New release available soon

The new release will be available any day (it is being reviewed by Apple). It does include the meal tracker as well as a password protection option to lock others out of the app. Best of all, it syncs with our online app (found here) behind a unified registration so you can access your data anywhere. More detail to come...


Most comments sound like

Most comments sound like great ideas so far. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but under the medication tab, would it be possible to add infusions or another choice other than daily or weekly med cycles. I ask because I get Remicade infusion every six weeks, I believe this would be very useful. Thanks you for the awesome app, keep up the good work. Thanks

Email log

This app has been very helpful. Thanks so much for developing it. I find the daily logs especially helpful. I just wish I could include the complete logs in the emailed report instead of a summary. That would provide a more detailed picture of my status rather than just an average. Of course I also like the 1-10 scale - good idea!


I have had this App since the beginning almost, and it does everything it says it does. Well done and thanks. I am in agreement with a lot of the suggestions for improvement. I like the idea of more choices for stools stress and pain. (Would really like to see a 1-10 with pain) I know I couldn't write this App, so good job. Every little bit more helps.

On a side note, ever since I updated to 3.0 on the iphone, the App will not open. Has any one else had any issues?

Keep up the good work. I know I appreciate it.