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What is WellApps?
Imagine your personal physician was with you 24 hours a day for a month to witness the symptoms of your chronic illness. He/she would be able to keep you feeling well.

WellApps creates this effect virtually, using mobile and online symptom tracking applications. Patients can log their symptoms using our simple apps (WellApps) and participating physicians can see their patients’ data in real-time.

Furthermore, de-identified data can be collected anonymously and shared with researchers to make progress in the treatment of chronic illnesses.

Current WellApps Products:

GI Monitor
Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.

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Danielle, from We Are Crohn's - I just got it! This is AWESOME. I have been keeping my CDAI in an excel spreadsheet. No more excel for me!

Kello82 from crohnsforum.com - i love that gi monitor.
very cool, it would come in so handy when you are filling out the mandatory paperwork at the start of every dr appt...symptoms worse, better, pain scale, med changes, etc. I can never remember that stuff

Kyle, from We Are Crohn's - This app is a life saver. I have a crazy life and my can never find time to write down this stuff for my next gi appointment.

GI Monitor- Please add medications and Food Log

Hi -

I just bought the GI monitor app and I love it! however this app would be even better with a food log, there are many people out there who are on restricted diets, or wellness diets such as the Specific Carb Diet or learning which foods to avoid and it would be great to be able to compare the food eaten with the type of day (pain, consistency, etc) you have had.

While i know, when i purchased the app it said there is no food portion because many people already know what foods bother them, there are many people who are either new to crohns, tyring different diets, excerise or on new medications and simply dont know what is causing them their pain- it would be great to cover everything.

My doctors have asked me multiple times to keep a journal of my eating and how it affects me- it would be great to do it one place.

I would definitly recommend this app to others if there was a food log on here.



Agreeing with Sam

I have to totally agree. Adding a food section would be wonderful. It doesn't have to be like the diet apps out there where it has all the daily information included. It could simply be just a section where we can list what we ate. Then again, the notes section could be used for this now that I think about it. Just anything to help keep track of our intake in relation to our output. lol.

Great App,

Diet Tracker

Sam/Brian - appreciate your feedback. Diet Tracker is definitely on the list for the next release. :)